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No matter what type of HVAC system you have, or how old it is, routine maintenance is important to keep everything running as efficiently as possible. Here at Cooling Dynamics, we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive HVAC maintenance packages in the industry. We will not only provide you with thorough, detail-oriented service, but also offer insight on what you can do to keep your systems in great shape. Our HVAC maintenance services are available to both residential and commercial clients in the local area. All manufacturers of cooling and heating equipment recommend performing maintenance twice a year for residential customers and quarterly for commercial properties.


Our attention to detail is what sets us apart. We check condensate drain lines and pans, and clean the evaporator and condenser coils at each maintenance call. We treat the drain line with chemicals, then vacuum and flush the line with water until all of the debris (slime and algae) are swept from the line. Coil cleaning is another additional service that we include in our maintenance packages. The cleaner these coils are, the more efficient and reliable your AC’s performance will be. We also check all system operating parameters to ensure proper airflow, current draws, and overall system performance. If we find any issues, we will bring them to your attention and provide educational information so that you can make an informed decision about repairing or replacing any malfunctioning components.

What’s Included in Our Preventative Maintenance Package?

  • Thorough manual and chemical cleaning of evaporator (inside) coil and condenser (outside) coil
  • Air handler will be opened, all slime and algae deposits vacuumed from internal drain pan
  • Condensate drain line will be treated with our proprietary chemical, flushed, and vacuumed to dislodge any blockages and/or deposits
  • All mechanical components (i.e. coils, blower assembly, drain pan (s), condenser fan assembly, electric heat kit, compressor, and equipment cabinets) will be inspected for signs of wear and/or corrosion
  • All electrical components (i.e. contactors, relays, and capacitors) will be inspected and correct tolerances measured and verified against manufacturer’s specifications
  • System will be reassembled and operated in both cooling and heating modes.  All refrigeration circuit operating temperatures and pressures will be verified against manufacturer’s specifications.  All electrical loads (i.e. compressor, blower motor, condenser fan motor, electric heat kit) will be checked and verified for proper current draw.
  • Clients will be notified of any concerns and/or deficiencies at time of service, and repair recommendations will be made
  • Minor repairs (capacitor replacements, contactor replacement, etc.) can be performed at time of preventative maintenance service for only the cost of the parts, no additional labor will be due
  • Full equipment assessment will be communicated to our clients upon completion of preventative maintenance service 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Sam G. Avatar
Sam G.
5 star rating
I noticed my air was not cooling the house down as it should have. I called Cooling Dynamics who came the next day and checked it. The refrigerant coil had a small leak. They were able to put refrigerant in so the AC performed properly until repaired.They gave me a choice, repair the coil or get a new AC. They also clearly explained the pros and cons of both. After they left, I googled the options. Getting the new AC was the prudent and most long term cost effective option for me. They put the new AC in the next week. Joe and Charles were both extremely polite and efficient. They got the AC installed quickly and cleaned up perfectly afterward. I would recommend Cooling Dynamics for any AC needs!
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Tesa B. Avatar
Tesa B.
5 star rating
Our AC went out on a weekend- Sunday, to be exact. Joseph was able to make it out to us in about an hour after we first spoke, which was a lifesaver in and of itself. Aside from the punctuality, Joseph did amazing work. He's EXTREMELY knowledgeable. He assessed the problem thoroughly and fixed the underlying issue with our AC, not just the symptoms. There are a lot of AC repair people who will charge you an arm and a leg and not really fix the problem but Joseph did just the opposite of that. I would highly recommend!
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Martin R. Avatar
Martin R.
5 star rating
We highly recommend Charles and his crew. It was time to have a new system installed as our electric bill was increasing every month. Charles evaluated the house and our needs. He recommended a system. I had considered a more expensive system prior to hiring Cooling Dynamics and even though Charles said he would install that system, which was more expensive and I assume he would have made more profit, he explained the cost/value ratio to me and said the extra cost would not warrant the additional savings. We ordered the unit Charles recommended. It was Installed in under 4 hours. Meticulous work, timely and courteous all describe our experience. Thanks Charles. We highly recommend you for anyone who needs AC help.
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Devon Taylor Avatar
Devon Taylor
We had Joe Grocki come out for some extensive work this week past. He and his crew were on time, worked conscientiously and thoroughly. We have used his services before many times and plan to continue to do so. We are very pleased with the results and grateful for such a reliable company.
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